Do you want to have a say on the future of Wilmslow over the next 15 years?

If the answer is yes, you have the ideal opportunity through the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out the vision for Wilmslow; and once approved it will be a statutory document which can influence planning decisions over the next 15 years.

The Plan is being driven by a steering group of volunteers, all of whom are Wilmslow residents. They will spend 2016-2017 consulting with all Wilmslow residents, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders about the content of the plan. Following the consultations, the Steering Group will draft a detailed planning document – the Neighbourhood Plan. At this stage all Wilmslow residents who are over 18 will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum, enabling them to either accept or reject the Plan. At the same time there will also be a separate referendum of all Wilmslow businesses. Click here to find out more about Neighbourhood Plans.

This process is key to planning the future growth and prosperity of Wilmslow. We would therefore urge you to have your say.

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Working groups set up to develop draft policies

Following the analysis of the initial questionnaire feedback that identified the aspects of greatest importance to Wilmslow Residents, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has created four working groups to develop draft policies. The working groups Residential / Urban Design Town Centre / Commercial / Retail and Business / Leisure (built environment) Open Space / Leisure […]

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Neighbourhood Plan Group complimented on quality of initial questionnaire

The Initial survey data collected from the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire has been described as a “Very rich dataset, with significant potential to help inform the Neighbourhood Plan” This was the opinion of an independent academic working in a pro bono capacity to glean a fuller understanding of the information collected and, in doing so, to help the Neighbourhood […]

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