Policies currently being developed

Following on from the public consultation of the ‘Emerging Policies Document’, the Wilmslow Town Council Steering Group are currently working to develop the precise policies which will form the basis of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The group are working closely with Planning Consultants ‘ Urban Imprint’ in formulating the policy wording, the objectives of each policy and the evidence supporting the need for each policy.

It is anticipated that the draft Neighbourhood Plan will be ready for the formal consultation stage in mid 2018 when the group will be actively seeking the views of Wilmslow residents and businesses.

Consultation Events

The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan undertook a consultation on its Emerging Policies in late Summer / Autumn 2017.

Following its Initial Questionnaire in 2016 the group worked to interpret the information that it gleaned from the 1200 responses and to determine the areas in which the Neighbourhood Plan could legitimately address.

The Emerging Policies Document which can now be found by clicking on the link below


sets out a Vision and set of Objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan and then specifies the more detailed topics where Planning Policy could be used to address issues raised.

The purpose of the consultation was to determine whether the group had identified the planning priorities highlighted by the public via the Initial Questionnaire and to clarify if each of the proposed Vision, Objectives and Suggested Policy Areas were broadly in line with public opinion.

This consultation in now closed

The next consultation events will take place as part of the formal consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan and are scheduled for Spring 2018.


Consultation on Emerging Policies Document

Following the initial consultation in 2016, the Neighbourhood Plan Group has prepared the Emerging Policies Document which contains potential policy areas and aspirations.

The online consultation on this document has now closed. The next consultation will be on the draft Neighbourhood Plan and this is likely to be in the Spring 2018.




Working groups set up to develop draft policies

Following the analysis of the initial questionnaire feedback that identified the aspects of greatest importance to Wilmslow Residents, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has created four working groups to develop draft policies.

The working groups

  • Residential / Urban Design
  • Town Centre / Commercial / Retail and Business / Leisure (built environment)
  • Open Space / Leisure (open space) / Environment / Heritage
  • Transport / Access / Infrastructure

have already started working with consultants’ Urban Imprint’ to develop a range of draft policies and objectives that can then be consulted upon with the public.

Neighbourhood Plan Group complimented on quality of initial questionnaire

The Initial survey data collected from the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire has been described as a “Very rich dataset, with significant potential to help inform the Neighbourhood Plan”

This was the opinion of an independent academic working in a pro bono capacity to glean a fuller understanding of the information collected and, in doing so, to help the Neighbourhood Plan team to focus on draft policy areas.

The importance of the environment featured very significant in the data set and the ‘Word Cloud’ above has been used to emphasis the frequency of the text used by residents when commenting on this category. The bigger the word text, the more frequently used.

The Town Centre also attracted many comments and the ‘Word Cloud’ above again is a useful tool in visually highlighting the text used by residents.


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