Do you want to have a say on the future of Wilmslow over the next 15 years?

If the answer is yes, you have the ideal opportunity through the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out the vision for Wilmslow; and once approved it will be a statutory document which can influence planning decisions over the next 15 years.

The Plan is being driven by a steering group of volunteers, all of whom are Wilmslow residents. They will spend 2016-2018 consulting with all Wilmslow residents, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders about the content of the plan. Following the consultations, the Steering Group will draft a detailed planning document – the Neighbourhood Plan. At this stage all Wilmslow residents who are over 18 will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum, enabling them to either accept or reject the Plan. At the same time there will also be a separate referendum of all Wilmslow businesses. Click here to find out more about Neighbourhood Plans.

This process is key to planning the future growth and prosperity of Wilmslow. We would therefore urge you to have your say.

Formal Consultation on the Draft Final Plan will take place 16 July 2018- 31 August 2018. Visit the ‘Have Your Say’ page to participate.


Drop in consultation events                      Wed 15 Aug 3pm-7pm – Wilmslow Parish Hall

                                                                             Wed 29 Aug 3pm-7pm – Wilmslow Parish Hall



Formal Consultation Dates Set as 16 July 18 – 31 August 18

The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan is now in it’s formal ( Regulation 14) consultation stage. The Plan which is now in its Draft form and is published on the website. A hard copy of the document is available throughout the consultation period in Wilmslow Library and the Parish Hall along with feedback forms, alternatively the entire document is available on […]

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