Formal Regulation 14 Consultation completed

The consultation period is now complete and the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan team are now considering the responses.

Thank you for participating in the recent consultation on the Draft Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation has resulted in many responses being received which the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, in partnership with its Planning Consultants, will now analyse to establish if the individual comments relate to matters that fit within the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan and then if so to determine if the relevant section of the plan would benefit from amendment.

When the Neighbourhood Plan Group has completed this work it will produce a revised draft plan for submission to Cheshire East Council.

As you have participated in this formal consultation the Principle Council will contact you directly when it undertakes its own consultation as part of the established Neighbourhood Planning process and this is likely to be towards the end of this year.

After all of the statutory legal processes have taken place we hope that the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to referendum during early 2019.

Once again I thank you for giving your time to trying to make the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan the best document that it can be.

View the document below

Link to Emerging Policies Document

Supporting evidence documents that are referred to in the Draft document can be viewed by visiting the library page on this website.