A Neighbourhood Plan is a Statutory planning document which enables local residents to guide future developments in the area in which they live.

It is a formal planning document and must be considered in the determination of any planning applications received within the area boundary.  However, the Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with and cannot override the Cheshire East Local Plan when this is adopted.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Wilmslow is being prepared by Wilmslow residents and is sponsored by Wilmslow Town Council (which also has representation on the Steering Group).

The Government has laid out the process by which a Neighbourhood Plan must be developed.  The first stage is an initial consultation to understand the key issues in the town.  This enables the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to develop a high-level vision and draft policies.  The Steering Group must then undertake detailed consultation on the vision and policies.  The Steering Group will then write the detailed Plan, which will be reviewed by an independent examiner potentially in a public forum.

When the examiner is satisfied with the draft plan, they recommend the plan is put to a referendum. The referendum is a voting process involving residents and other eligible groups. If a majority of all voters agree with the content of the plan it then becomes the formal Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

Further information on the procedure has been produced by the Government and can be accessed here.

The Stages to Develop the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan

22nd April 2016 until 14th June 2016

Stage: Consultation on the Neighbourhood Area

June 2016

Stage: Confirmation of the Area Designation


Stage: Initial Consultation Process

Spring 2018

Stage: Steering Group will review the feedback from the Initial Consultation Process; and produce an 'Emerging Policies Document'

Summer 2018

Stage: Launch of the Second Consultation Process

Autumn/ Winter 2018

Stage: Steering Group will review the feedback from the second consultation process and will draft the Neighbourhood Plan

Februry 2019

Stage: The Plan will be submitted to Cheshire East Council for further consultation before the Independent Examiner will review the Neighbourhood Plan

How you can take part

Cheshire East Council will consult in Spring 2019 and will contact all those that participated in the Regulation 14 consultation during Autumn 2018.

Spring/Summer 2019

Stage: Pre-Referendum information will be distributed

Summer 2019

Stage: The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

How you can take part

Vote in the Referendum. The Plan would require the support of a majority of those registering a vote to proceed to the final stage.

Summer 2019

Stage: The Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ and becomes part of the statutory development plan for Cheshire East Council.

How you can take part

Subject to passing through the Referendum stage.